LINGWU is a Singapore brand that reflects a slower pace and process, where things are made with care and detail.
We create luxurious handbags that reflects a sense of relaxed and timeless elegance,
focusing on the material and the form of the bag. All in all to create beautiful and affordable leather goods of
the highest quality in a sustainable way, which shouldn’t be wasteful. 

What has made our product unique, from the very start, is the combining of Asian traditional craftsmanship using the best materials
sourced around the world. Grounded in utility and functionality, the bags are supremely versatile, full and rich
to touch despite their lightweight. The line of bags use leathers sourced from Italy while the buttery soft exotic skins are ethically
sourced from Indonesia. Dress in a rich colour palette of saffron, chilli, cinnamon,
turmeric and star anise all inspired by the rich heritage of Asia.